Our People


Sunsuria has reached to where it is today with a strong contribution and collective effort from its dedicated leaders and employees to make this world a better place. Sunsuria aims to pave the way up and forward with founder and owner, Tan Sri Datuk Ter Leong Yap who possesses property development knowledge and experiences of more than 20 years. With the diverse capabilities of Executive Chairman, Tan Sri Datuk Ter and his senior management team, the property development business is the primary business and key growth driver of Sunsuria. Today with a strong synergy by Sunsurians laying down the groundwork, Sunsuria sustains it's aim to rise and expand regionally.

At the heart of it all, Sunsuria’s corporate ethos flows through G.E.M.S.

Great Sunsurians Excellent Performance
From good business conducts to good moral value & ethics through working effectively and efficiently, Sunsuria instills a ‘we culture’ sense of belonging and ownership to its people without neglecting their wellbeing and enhancing lifestyles. The concept also encourages openness to ideas, innovations and inventions with the right culture and attitude of Committed, Respectful & Progressive with the goal to increase pride being a Sunsurian and its people’s market value. Through its people, Sunsuria aims to provide top quality products & services not only to increase excellent financial performance and growth in revenue and profits but to continue to be and give sustainable competitive advantage to its stakeholders obtaining recognitions that will in turn increase its organizational size and rank, charting towards global expansions.
Making the world a better place Sustainable Organization
As we stand on the shoulders of our forefathers, Sunsuria continues to encourage fair trade and strive towards setting good examples and respect for each other. Not just by providing products and services that will improve the lifestyle and wellbeing of its receivers but also to spread kindness through volunteering of time, money and resources including reducing impact and conserving earth through tree plantings and encouraging urban farming. Standing in the long haul as an organization, Sunsuria achieves success and meets the needs of present customers without compromising the needs of the future generations. This is done by continuously building a business model that creates values consistent with the long-term preservation and enhancement in the areas of finance, enviroment and social capital.



Behind the Scenes

Where we work, is also where we play. Sunsurians enjoy a progressive work environment that celebrates growth and achievement, alongside balance and teamwork. With plenty of in- and out-of-office activities organised by and for the employees, we make sure that every Sunsurian has the chance to build relationships with one another for a happier, better workplace.